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I’m going to change the world!

I’m going to change the world! Yeah you heard me, I am going to change the world. I am going to do so by changing my small part of it as I work to improve, rebuild, strengthen and live a better life, for by doing so I can and will inspire others to do so. My world affects theirs, thus change is a chain reaction.

Six degrees of separation, a theory that everyone in the entire world is connected through just six people you know. Imagine if you inspire just six people a day, that would be 180 people in a month. Now imagine that, for that same month, those six people did the same thing and each inspire six people they knew and then those six did the same and so on…just for one month. In ten days that is over ten million people, assuming we can keep the chain reaction going.

Voting and politics aren’t going to change the world. We’re too busy arguing who has the right platform.

Social and welfare programs aren’t going to change the world. We have lots of these already in place and yet the problems increase.

Taxes and money aren’t going to change the world. We’re too busy spending it wrong and it’s never enough for when we spend it right!

War and conquest aren’t going to change the world. Why do we think senseless killing of other nations is going to improve or change anything?

Religion isn’t going to change the world. We’re too busy arguing who’s is right.

We’ve been trying all these things for centuries and the result is the same, a world in turmoil. Nothing changes. True change is within you. Only when a person changes and inspires others to do the same, only then will we see the world change.

I vote for a better world. I will support a cause that truly helps someone better themselves. My money and resources will go to bettering my life and those around me when I can. I will fight against injustice and oppression. Humanity and kindness to others is my religion. It’s time for a chain reaction!

Neal Stone
The Final Transmission


True Revolution

True revolution does not require weapons of war or destruction, but a change in precepts to seek out justice in the unjust and to bring about that which is right from all that is wrong. To bring about true ideals that balance lives of those who live in said nation with values of fairness, justice and wisdom.

True revolution begins in ones heart as the soul wearies of unjust acts by those in power and seeks to correct the destructive course of the nation of which they reside to bring about true peace and prosperity.

True revolution comes when one chooses to rise up and say NO MORE, that this has gone on long enough! When one desires hope for humanity in an inhumane world so inasmuch that one will stand even when at their weakest to bring strength to others just as weak and guidance to those lost of heart and hope.

True revolution begins with the spoken word or the written lines of ideals, hopes, and dreams of those who wish to bring about change, true change.

True revolution begins when we elect true leaders that support the ideals of fairness, justice, hope and the dreams of the nation of which they are to serve.

I now stand and draw the line that now is the time to start this revolution to change the direction of which we are headed. Election day is coming, stand your ground, bridge the gap, and stop letting those in power cross the line.

True revolution begins when we finally decide we want change and work as one nation to do just that. No more racial, political nor religious divides!

We are one or we are none!

Neal Stone – Philosopher of the Bayou
The Final Transmission

Shock the System!

Shock it

The Final Transmission – Goodbye 2016

Here it is the end of 2016. What do I see for 2017 and beyond? The same old stuff…Hate, religious prejudice, political divide, racial tensions. There will be attacks, more hate, more riots and a repeat of all we’ve seen yesterday and today. We will point fingers and blame the other side and ignore our own influence.
History repeat itself because we never learn what works and what doesn’t. We never learn and can only hope future generations will, but it’s us they learn from. Sad.
It’s not a question if there is life out there in the universe, it’s a question of “Are we the best it could do?”. Are we? We could be!
If we are the first of life to appear in this universe then we are off to a sad and sorry start and can only hope we change and do better before we reach out to other worlds.
If we are the last of life in the universe then maybe we came from somewhere where they didn’t learn as well and are a sad and final testimony to the life that once existed. Or we were kicked out!
During the dark ages scientific development was delayed by centuries, at least 600 years. Imagine where we would be right now! Imagine where we would be if we stopped the hate, the prejudice, the religious and political divides, stopped expecting everyone to live by our rules, standards, religion and political ideals.
Imagine what 7 billion people could do if they worked together to improve, advance and support each other. We have the resources, the technology, and the ability to do so.
It starts and stops with us.
But we’re too busy wanting our political ideals to be the rule of the land. We’re too busy want our religious book to be the law. We’re too bust thinking our religion is what the country should follow. We’re too busy thinking our idea is better and reject all others solely over the fact the other person isn’t in the same political party as we are. We’re to busy fighting over something a simple as skin color. Why does my color determine what I am? IT DOESN’T!  Neither does religion or politics.
We’re too busy punishing over differences and not busy enough finding common ground to build on. Believe in my god, religion, political ideals or you’re not good enough.
Well then I guess I’m not good enough. And I’m proud of that! If I need to align with your list of what it takes to be valued, then I don’t want to be good enough for you!
We can do better. So why don’t we?
Neal Stone
The Final Transmission

The Final Transmission – Goodbye America

Goodbye America!

What I write is of no influence by who was elected, for the message will be the same.

Goodbye America where I once played without fear of abduction, where I could run a marathon without fear of attack, where I could go to school without fear of death from gunfire.

Goodbye America for what was once justice is now criminal, what was once unity is now division, what was once hope is now despair and what was once truth is now lie.

Goodbye America, I stand now sadly watching as America quivers and shakes in it’s final death throws for no hope shapes its future any longer. We point, we accuse and we fight among ourselves just because we share different beliefs, religions and political views. Come up with a good idea, but if you’re the wrong party, religion or ideal you will be shot down no matter how good the idea.

Goodbye America, the land of the free that is now the land of the oppressed. We’ve learned to enslave by a label, by color, religion, political party or any other difference we use to control or shoot someone down. We’ve learned to hate for the very same reasons.

Goodbye America, you had a good run but your time is soon at an end. How much longer shall you last, a year, ten years, twenty five or more? Maybe you will make it to the next century but I sincerely doubt you will make it half way at this pace of hate, division, and blinded stupidity we call politics and leadership and I reference not just the president, but all in office, past, present and future, for you fail to lead and instead seek only personal gain and in the end choke the ones who feed you. Who will feed you when we die? Who will hold you up when the foundation is gone?

Goodbye America, whose foundation is crumbling under the weight of lost ideals, hopeless efforts, economical breakdown, and the weight of its own selfish mistakes and choices. We reached the moon and further, but now we can’t even reach each other.

Goodbye America, for the bell has rung its last chime and the bell tower now crumbles and falls to the ground and she shall never ring freedom again as she did before. Have we not learned from the past of what works and what doesn’t? I think not, for we succeed in one thing, repetition of blatant stupidity, denial and lack of accountability.

Goodbye America, for we state how our political beliefs, religion, or other ideals are the solution, yet nothing is solved and the hole gets deeper. We are blind fools if we don’t see the real solution, unity, love, accountability, responsibility, and hard work, that is what brings us back from this brink of death we face.

Goodbye America, for your time has come. You breathe your final breaths and choke on your own failures as a nation. Let us point and blame president, congressman, governor, preacher…yes let us point at anyone but ourselves. We ask others to solve and be responsible for problems we have the full capacity to solve ourselves, but don’t !

Goodbye America, the hole is dug and your casket awaits and you shall be buried soon. Goodbye America, unless some miracle should abound and save you from a timely death.

I, Neal Stone, hereby dedicate myself to write this and more. I write this message not just for present, but future audiences so that maybe we will learn, maybe somewhere in the near future someone will get it and make the change to save the world. I write as philosopher and author for that is my job and duty.

I hereby write The Final Transmission.

More to come.