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True Revolution

True revolution does not require weapons of war or destruction, but a change in precepts to seek out justice in the unjust and to bring about that which is right from all that is wrong. To bring about true ideals that balance lives of those who live in said nation with values of fairness, justice and wisdom.

True revolution begins in ones heart as the soul wearies of unjust acts by those in power and seeks to correct the destructive course of the nation of which they reside to bring about true peace and prosperity.

True revolution comes when one chooses to rise up and say NO MORE, that this has gone on long enough! When one desires hope for humanity in an inhumane world so inasmuch that one will stand even when at their weakest to bring strength to others just as weak and guidance to those lost of heart and hope.

True revolution begins with the spoken word or the written lines of ideals, hopes, and dreams of those who wish to bring about change, true change.

True revolution begins when we elect true leaders that support the ideals of fairness, justice, hope and the dreams of the nation of which they are to serve.

I now stand and draw the line that now is the time to start this revolution to change the direction of which we are headed. Election day is coming, stand your ground, bridge the gap, and stop letting those in power cross the line.

True revolution begins when we finally decide we want change and work as one nation to do just that. No more racial, political nor religious divides!

We are one or we are none!

Neal Stone – Philosopher of the Bayou
The Final Transmission


Truly Waking Up

So this last week I processed and looked closer at a major part of my life.   For my entire life I was under the belief that I had suffered, as a teen and child, from severe Epilepsy.  I had seizure, medication, doctor visits and all this to confirm that this was a true part of my past life.  I have always been proud of the fact I beat the disease in my later teens and was able to move on from it.

Then it happened.  Through counseling, family testimony and by my own memories I was able to discover that the truth is I never had Epilepsy, rather it was a misdiagnosis and as it turns out the truth was much deeper and sinister.

When I reviewed the facts things just didn’t add up about me having this disease including a large dosage of medications taken daily.  On top of that I took various memories, shared by family members, and life experiences and put them together to come up with the truth of what really happened in my life.  Once I pieced together these events and memories it became quite clear of what really happened and that I was abused rather than suffering a disease.  I knew all along about some abuse, but I also knew there was more that I haven’t recalled yet.

Once I came to the truth it was like the darkness lightened a little and I felt more free.  I am fortunate to have a great counselor who has let me find the truth on my own, who has helped me understand myself and come to terms with my past.

I now move forward with greater hope than before.

The Truth Is Out There…


What do you do when you discover parts of your life were a lie? When something you went through and overcame isn’t exactly what you thought it was? When people you trusted fabricated events, symptoms and other things for their own selfish reasons, often at your expense?

You were held down, held back by something out of your control.

You get angry, but then celebrate at the truth and realization that no matter what it was…YOU BEAT THE SYSTEM! You take control and you move forward knowing that the past does not define you now nor will it ever.

I’m free! Don’t mess with it! It’s my game now and if you come against me, rest be assured your only winning move is not to play!

I will expound on this later.

The Storm

I sail this sea of my life; I feel the waves as they rock the boat. I see now ahead a great storm fierce and intense. I can see the bow of the boat rise and fall as the waves get stronger and larger. The winds blow hard as my craft rocks side to side rising and falling in the now harsh waves.

Dark clouds ahead of a mighty storm and I realize I cannot go around it and it’s too late to turn back for I can no longer out run it. I see this storm of truth filled with winds of rage, rains of hurt and ravaging waves of anger and pain.

Many have now abandoned ship leaving me to ride this storm alone, for only I can go through this next phase of my life, only I can see the truth for what it is. Many of you have stayed and will be there when the storm clears to show me back to harbor.

I feel the boat rock violently as the storm now rages even closer and I know that all I believed, all I have lived for may soon be up heaved and tossed, only to sink in the end leaving me adrift on whatever wreckage I find to hold, but I will not perish nor will I give in to the storm. What is worth keeping I will save, but the rest can sink…let it go and let it sink.

I approach the storm eyes wide with fear staring straight ahead of what is soon to come. My hands clutched tightly to the wheel holding on on as hard as I can as I steer through the turmoil facing me. I hear the creak of wood, I watch as the sails tighten in the wind and feel the shake of the masts as they try and hold the sails.

I face now the only decision I have to spare “Full speed ahead…I’m going through!”