This blog documents my life journey.  I lived the majority of my life in Washington State until a messy divorce lead me to come to Mississippi and be with my father and start a new life.

I found my father after 45 years of being separated and he offered to help me move down here to start over.  I am now on a new journey in my life and it is wonderful.

After a hard breakup with a girl I met here in Mississippi, I started counseling and have taken a new life journey and changed my perspective on a lot of things including my relationship patterns as well as changes to myself.  Sometimes what you think is good for you is actually not meant to be and can distract you.  Breaking up with my ex-girlfriend opened my eyes to a whole new world ahead.  The fog has lifted and I look forward to what’s ahead.

This last year (2015 – 2016) has been rough, but I have come out a lot of darkness.

So now I go forward and share my life as I move on and begin new things and make positive healthy changes.  It is my hope that my story and my writings can inspire others also going through darkness.

Now let’s begin…



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