I Am Thankful

I posted the following to my Facebook today:

“I am thankful today for the healing journey I am on. Regardless of what happened in my past, my present and future outlook is bright. I had a few false starts when I got here to Mississippi, but now I am on the right track and moving forward full speed ahead.

I am thankful for those who chose to stick with me through this journey and growing point in my life. Some of you have in-boxed me and allowed me to share details and listened. Thank you all!”

Throughout my journey I have met many people.  Some have stayed even in my darkest hour while others have left for various reason, but mostly because they didn’t have the strength to deal or they just weren’t as supportive as they claimed and were in it for themselves.  It’s amazing how fast people will leave you when you decide to live and do what is right for you and no longer live how they want you too.

My ex-gf treated me and called me an option that could be easily gotten rid of (her own words) and when things got tough, sure enough she left.  I am happy about that really.

So many others have joined my journey and watched as I moved forward and grew as a person and worked on my healing.

I am thankful for my counselor who has given me the ear to lsiten and understand and the tools and encouragement to work on my life.  She has helped me see truth about areas in my life that I needed to see.  I have made great discoveries about myself and my past.

I am thankful for knowing my future is bright and I can move forward in the new me I have become.

I am of course very thankful for my readers here on my blog.

Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll.


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