The Final Transmission – Does It Matter?

Does it matter? My color, does it matter? My nationality, my beliefs, my political affiliation, does it matter?

My color and culture aren’t the same as you. My beliefs aren’t the same as you. My political beliefs will differ as well, but does it all matter?

I am like you in many other aspects that do matter. I want to live, work and make it threw my life as you do. I want to enjoy my day and live my life as I feel best for me as you do. I have hobbies, likes, dislikes and a desire to live the best life I can as many of you do.

I have hopes, dreams, want to be loved and accepted, but why does it need to be on your terms? I’m not you!

Does it matter I am different? Does it really matter that bad to you? Why should it? I cause you no harm nor do I interfere with your life, so why does it matter I live, believe and am different than you?

So much death and destruction over the years just because of differences. All because a select group of people have this serious need to get over themselves.

What I believe, do and how I live is not up to you nor do your beliefs dictate my life. Some of you might just unfriend me if you knew what I believed and the values I hold. I live, believed and hold different values than some of you…DEAL WITH IT!

You are no one to judge and set the expectation for my life, I do that and I alone. I make the final determination of my values, my life, and my beliefs. I am not here to harm you, if I was, then yes, you may set those expectations and boundaries.

Does it matter really who and what I am? No, it matters that I choose to live a better life each day and seek to help encourage and cause no harm to others.

The hopes, dreams and ideals I hold are for my better and yours as well, that is what matters. Each day I choose to do better, that is what matters!

Neal Stone
The Final Transmission – To be continued.


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