One Hundred Problems

You can have 100 problems and solve 99 of them. There are those who will see the 99 solved and praise you for your good work and encourage you to tackle that last one. If you have someone like this in your life keep them, cherish them for they will help you grow and reach new heights. Open minded and real people see the whole story, not just the part that supports their feelings.

Then there are the small minded people who see the one problem left over and that is their proof nothing has changed and they proceed to berate you for that one problem and ignore the other work you have done and tear you back down. If you have someone like this in your life, you don’t have one problem left over, you have two…get rid of them both.

I have come a long way and still a ways to go. It is because of people who see the whole story and support the work I’ve done that I have come this far. People who harp on one failure and ignore all your other successes are people you don’t need and I have purged my life of people like that.

You can help me move forward in my life, or you can hold me back. I am glad to have my sister and many friends and family who help me go forward.

To the ones who held me back, harped on the one problem left over, I have cut you loose. I let you go. Goodbye.


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