Battles We Fight


Mental illness and alcoholism/drug abuse can take it’s toll on a family and loved ones. Many say they understand, yet unless you see it and experience the devastating affects, you have no idea.

On my vacation I had to deal with such a situation as I watched my sister do her best to keep a family member’s alcohol under control and watch as she, and eventually me, get targeted for standing up to bad behavior and down right selfishness.

My once admiration of this person dwindled as I saw him in a different light than before. But my admiration for my sister, Darcy Hartley-Stone will always be there for the strong person she is and has been.

When you say “Just get over it” you are being small minded, naive and obviously have no real life challenges or a serious denial of issues in your own life. It’s never that simple and people fight everyday and often some lose that battle or give up. Next time you break a leg or injure your hip just walk it off fucker!

You don’t see my tears at night or the heartbreak I feel when someone I love goes down a rough road, even harder to take when you realize they have chosen that road. I even found myself on a bad road I chose because of issues I didn’t want to deal with, but I changed directions once I found myself in a place where I could focus on myself.

Be careful who you mock or belittle just because you refuse to understand their story or journey, for one day you may find yourself on that same road and the person you mocked or failed to understand may be your only guide. Don’t be too surprised should they leave you alone to figure it out yourself. The day may come when I myself will look at you on the same road I took, then turn away and leave you to find your own way out.

I have been in low places in my life trying to understand and get out of it. Those who stuck by me, even when you didn’t understand, thank you so much for being there. Those who left because you didn’t want to deal or understand….GOODBYE!

They call suicide the cowards way out, but in all honesty it isn’t that at all. It’s a person that has reached the end of their rope with no solution but to let go. In all honesty, we will never know what drove them there in most cases because they are no longer around to talk too, but am sure someone who didn’t understand probably just told them to get over it, when they could have chosen to understand and reach out a helping hand. Their laziness and short shortsightedness may have cost someone their life. I have seen many times the affects of suicide on loved ones and the shock they felt never knowing why. The ones who follow through on suicide are often the quiet about it and may never say a word about their feelings. Know this signs:…/risk-factors-and-warning-signs/

I fight depression, anxiety and PTSD from childhood trauma daily. I am not ashamed nor afraid to share this. It is my story, it is my life, it is my journey, it is my battle and it will end in victory. But that ending is far off as I am not done living yet.

This is the meaning behind the tattoo on my left wrist and behind my left ear.

Below is a link to Project Semicolon. Check it out….understand. To those who are fighting the battle, never fight alone ever again! I stand with you!

My Story Isn’t Over Yet! Why? Because someone chose to understand. To those who chose not to, you won’t be missed.


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