The Stand

This last couple of weeks I have surprised myself a bit. Once a passive person who just sat and kept his mouth shut, but this time around I found myself taking a stand against someone who decided they had the option to behave anyway they want regardless of who it hurt.

They wanted to drink alcohol when I planned to drive home from Florida which would have put me at risk for driving with an open container and would’ve risked everything I worked for and there was zero regard for the damage this would’ve done to my life.

As a result of my stand I became targeted for comments and behaviors directed at me and my sister and even though this person is terminally ill, they showed clear and decisive choices of how they were going to behave. I also made clear and decisive choices to not stand for it and drew the line. In short this person found themselves flying home early and not coming to Mississippi.

My father is 84 and terminally ill and yet makes the choice to be remembered as a great and loving man so this other person has made a choice too, but chooses the opposite and leaves a legacy of sorrow.

I love my family and I do want peace between us, but I WILL NOT sacrifice myself or all I’ve worked for just to appease someone’s inappropriate behaviors that are harming so many in my family.

I’ve sacrificed too much of myself already which is why I am where I am in the first place. My heart is broken as this person I once admired and was a hero in my life, and now I see their full nature and find myself let down and disappointed.

My sister and I have been asked to back down just so there can be peace, but that is not right nor fair to my sister and I will not back down to appease an offender of any kind. I did not commit an offense, but rather stood up against it and will not release that stand just to make the offender happy.


I forgive this person, but that does not illicit trust or acceptance of their actions. I hold no guilt or taking my stand and their making up lies about themselves and their state to initiate guilt have failed.

I once viewed this person as a hero in my life who’s hard work and defense of his family I admired, but with counseling and looking at them in the light, I realize my admiration was in waste. It only takes one decision to go from hero to villain.

To those seeking to cause harm to me or someone I care about the line is drawn. DO NOT CROSS IT!


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