Road Trip

So my vacation coming up was planned to be a road trip to Florida.  When hurricane Matthew came and went it put my plans in doubt, but also family in danger.

My nephew Tim lives in Florida and was in the path of Matthew, but he was evacuated safely and has been told he can go home now.  The good news is the hurricane wasn’t as bad as expected, but still a lot of damaged done.  I even had a few friends who weathered the storm unable to leave.

Now with the all clear I am back on my plans to go on my road trip to Florida.  Since it is an eight hour drive, I plan to leave between 5am and 7am from work and take my time driving down.

I am looking forward to seeing Tim and his family, but most of all getting to see my brother Wes who is terminal with cancer.  I haven’t seen him since my trip to Washington in June and am looking forward to his visit here and to see my life and home I have built for myself.

I’ve always been proud of my brother, he has always been on my side just as my sister has no matter what I was going through.

I will be writing later about my trip.  Wish me luck.


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