Time flies, but I sore!

It has been over a year and a half since breaking up with my ex-girlfriend.  In this time I have started a new job, gotten promoted and am now in line with a few other departments interested in me working for them.  I love the casino life.

In this time I have also started a new relationship and it will be 10 months that we have been together, ten months but feels a life time.   We don’t spend every day together, but the time we do get is beautiful and fulfilling.  I have spent less time with Donna, yet my life with her has had more meaning than all previous relationships combined.

I am not treated like an option that is easily discarded during tough times.  I’ve had my ups and downs while with Donna and so has she and we stuck it through.  I am not judged by past failures or compared to previous relationships with her looking to be disappointed because she is used to that.  Rather we look to grow and become closer and know teh risk of hurt and heartache, yet embrace the journey.

A true live stays the course and only runs if that is the only alternative, such as the other not wanting to go the distance with you.  Cowards run at the first sign of trouble or look for a way out even after day one of the relationship, but a true love fights till the last battle until they can fight now more.  Yes there will be disappointments, failures and hurts, but this ain’t what we focus on, rather we focus on healing, stronger love and drawing closer.

I’ve learned to go into a relationship with a new heart, new eyes and a healthy outlook.  If you look for the bad and expect it, that is what you will find and get.  Don’t ruin a good chance at happiness expecting unhappiness.




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