The Girl and the Stone

The Girl and the Stone
By Neal Stone

There once was a girl who spent her life walking down the road collecting stones. She would find one, keep it for a while but once she realized it was dull and worthless she would cast it aside and then find another one. This went on for years.

Then one day she found a stone that was jagged and rough but sparkled a little. She was fascinated with it but after a while she tossed it aside the road with the rest of the stones to be left discarded and unwanted. The girl went on her way to find other stones.

One day another girl came along and she was walking along the road and she saw the jagged sparkly stone the other girl had tossed aside. She picked it up and took the stone home and proceeded to work on it. She chipped way the rough edges until the stone took shape and form and she polished it until it shined as brightly as the sun. She held it up to look at it and exclaimed “What a beautiful valuable diamond I have found! So precious and worth a lot to the one who appreciates it.” She placed the diamond on a necklace and wore it close to her heart for she treasured it so much.

One day the girl with the diamond was walking down the road when she encountered the first girl. The first girl saw the diamond and exclaimed “Wow, what a beautiful diamond! Where did you find that?” The second girl explained how she was walking down the road and found it on the side of the road all rough and jagged and then took it home and brought out its true value and beauty.

The first girl exclaimed how lucky the second girl was to find such a valuable and rare gem and then proceeded on her way looking for stones. She got a little ways down the road when she stopped and was horrified at the realization that the jagged rough diamond the other girl found was the one she herself had tossed aside never realizing the beauty and value of what she had. It was in her hands and she never saw it, the true value of the rough diamond that had been in her possession for such a short time. She would spend the rest of her life looking for more stones hoping to find another rare gem of great value, but would instead grow old with regret of losing the one she already had.


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