It’s ok to quit

There is no shame in quitting. It’s OK to just give up and walk away. Yeah you heard me right, I the guy who doesn’t give up just said it’s OK to do just that!

Sometimes we find ourselves in a no-win situation where no matter our efforts it just gets worse and not better. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations whether it be a marriage, relationship, job, family, or something else, that our health, well being and the very person we are has become threatened and our health, both physically and mentally, is seriously impacted.

If it’s worth the fight then by all means fight and hold on no matter how hard it gets. But often we come into a place that is too dark to walk through or just not where we should be and in that case, go ahead and move on and never look back.

I’ve been there all too often and now find myself in a better place because I removed myself from that bad situation and found a better more positive place in my life. My home, my job, my relationships have all changed in just a years time due to hard choices I needed to make or face the dire consequences of losing my health or even my very self.

I would be more proud of a person who removes themselves from something that they know is hurting them, than if they were to stay and continue to hurt even more.

Each day is a new chance, a new opportunity to start again, to heal, to grow and to found our way.

Quitting doesn’t always mean you quit, but rather you refuse to surrender to that which is hurting you and have moved into a better place to where you can seek something more rewarding and worth fighting for.

Quitting doesn’t mean you’ve lost the battle or given up the fight, just a momentary retreat to regroup, refresh and then come back stronger than ever ready to fight the battle with more armament than ever!

Give up and and quit what is making you lose the battle and arm yourself with something that will enable you to fight even stronger and win. A new job, new relationship, new friends, or even a new home, retreat regroup and come back out fighting. Staying in a bad situation is actually another way of quitting and giving up, because you refuse to stand up and take charge. Think about that!!!

Never give up, never surrender and never give in to that which is bringing you down.

The small voice cries out in the darkness “I am here and can’t fight another day with this. I am here come find me!”. I hear you and will find you. Follow me to the light and out of the dark.

So go to that mental medicine cabinet pull out that bottle of Fukitol and take your medicine.


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