Goal Setting

I’ve never be good at goal setting.  One of the many life skills my mother and step-dad failed to teach me was goal setting.

Most of my life skills I have had to learn on my own.  Parents, don’t just raise your kids, teach them life skills.  How to take care of themselves, cooking, cleaning, laundry, job searching, basic car repair and maintenance, goal setting and the list goes on.  Your kids lives, as adults, will often reflect your skills as a parent.

As for my goals, reading, writing, learning new things and skills has begun.  I’ve had to order a few things, but am ready to challenge myself more than ever now that I am free from distraction in my personal life.  My girlfriend and I have the right kind of relationship where we can focus on our personal lives as well as each other.

I’ve got my list of books to read, working on collecting all my writings into one document, and a list of things to learn that have always interested me.

So wish me luck as I try this new area in my life.




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