Be Strong…

Be strong, that’s fine. But don’t make others feel weak or feel bad for being in a moment of weakness in their life. Strong people are great as long as they lift others not as strong. Holding me down because I’m weaker than you isn’t being strong, but rather it is weakness in itself.

Be confident, that’s fine. But don’t be arrogant thinking you are the best or the standard we all must live by. My successes might not be as big as yours, but I still succeeded and that’s just fine.

Be successful, that’s fine. But don’t belittle those who fail or aren’t as successful as you. We all have challenges we overcome or fail and you fail too because you’re human too. Let others succeed and allow them to also get recognition for their success. Stop competing with me and succeed to accomplish something, not to prove you’re better than me.

Win, that’s fine, but that doesn’t make the rest of us losers. Losing or failing doesn’t make me a loser, choosing to lose does. Winning doesn’t make you number one over everyone else.

Be proud of yourself, that’s fine. But don’t boast so much that that’s all we hear about. If someone else wins allow them to enjoy the win and join in with others who praise them for it even if it is about time they won.

Never be so strong, arrogant, or feel you are above someone just because you tend to do better than they are doing. You don’t know my battle or my life. You have no idea what I am fighting. This isn’t some excuse, but a real truth called life.

Live your life, but leave mine alone unless you’re there to help make mine better. I am who I am and do my best. Respect me for my endurance even if it’s not as strong as yours.


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