What will you forge?

We, the American people, are engaged in a great conflict. Not of guns, missiles or other weapons, but of words of falsehood, pale truths and manipulated lies. We are engaged in a war that need not be fought, but some have brought this conflict to us. We stand divided and so soon do we fade quietly into the night?

We now have let race, religion and politics be that which divides us when we should be united as one with these very same things and ideas.

I choose not to go quietly into the night to be lost forever, but rather to go as a raging fire, but the weapons I use are of peace, love, unity, and forgiveness.

So as we use these ideologies, these ideals that once united, once we turn back to a united people, then no foe can stand against us. 

Fear us not the dark road ahead, but rather let us walk arms linked in unity so no foe can pass. Let us tear down the walls that we have built in hate, fear, and violence and end it now, this war on our future, our hopes, our dreams.

Let us stand together once again as America, a nation so once respected and regarded highly by the rest of the world. Let us rush the gates of hell and hate and bring down the walls of division. It is not the body that is enslaved, but the mind that is engulfed in fear and hate.

Let us come to understand that the past cannot be changed regardless of how regrettable it was.

Let us come to realize that we can change the future by making better choices and forming the ideals that will once unite us again.

Where some forge hate, I forge love against!

Where some forge fear, I forge courage!

Where some forge deceit, I forge truth!

Where some forge anger, I forge peace!

Where some forge division, I forge unity!

Where some forge enemies, I forge friendship!

I represent no race, I represent no politics, I represent no religion, I only represent myself! I am not your enemy, I am your brother, your friend, your fellow American and I will proudly stand with you against all that comes out of the night and the dark to harm you. Will you do so for me?

What will you forge? What ideal will you teach? I stand with you, please stand with me!



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