Not Sitting Still

A journey is not about sitting still, sometimes it’s about walking away. When you find yourself in a place of doubt, desolation, destruction and pain, then it’s time to walk on to a new place and chapter in your life. It may mean leaving people and places no longer meant for you, no matter who they are or where you once were. No matter the pain you feel or the hurt, disappointment, and heartache caused by you or someone else, the pain does become easier to bare as you find new places and people in your life.

Those who stand true remain to follow along and those who abandoned you now are left to live in the wasteland of their lives as you build the paradise of yours. Paradise is not a place of perfection, just a place where you truly belong. Don’t be afraid to abandon all hope in what you once put faith in, for it can lead to something new that brings you peace and light. Stop fighting over what others believe, and start fighting for what you believe.

Your life is your journey and belongs to no one but you and you alone. No one has the right to dictate or judge the path you are on if that path brings you peace and light. Those who truly love you will stand by you regardless if you believe as they do or not. Those who truly love you may not understand your journey, but will share joy in your choice to embrace and walk it knowing you will be happy. Walk your path, have your belief, find what makes you happy, find that which fills your soul and heart and fulfills you as you want to be.

At any time I could easily reconnect with those I have walked way from, but I choose not too, they are not part of this journey and my path is not for them to take or follow. I follow my new path freely with an open heart and open mind, with new strength and hope in the path I now take.

I let go of the old me and some old relationships and a few new ones, but in the end I am better for it. I go now forward with no fear, for fear has left me, for I am in charge now of my journey and guide where it will go. I am free!


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