How will it end?

As I look out into the vast world in which we live I see no end in sight for the turmoil of our planet. As the earth spins another day it continues the never-ending of stacking hate upon hate, despair upon despair and hopelessness upon hopelessness.

Men of hate rule this globe with iron and war while those of peace are trampled upon as cobble stones in the road. Tramped, warn and ignored. The voice of peace cries out, but is silenced by the call for killing and war. The pursuit for life and liberty, to find happiness has gone from dream to an unreachable goal for most of mankind. The gap of hate and anger has left so much peace, love and hope far out of our souls reach.

When does it end? When does the hate die and the dream of love and peace come once again? When does war, anger and hate stop and hope begin? Those who desire war are vastly outnumbered by those who want peace, yet the warriors are the ones who set the gap as we idly stand by feeling helpless.

It ends when we chose to respond to hate with an opposite force of love and peace and chose not to kill in vengeance and hate for wrongs that we have no control over.

We have no control over injustice, but we can control our response. How we respond will determine how it all will end. I chose today to stand in that gap and reach for the unattainable goal, for all is needed is for another to grasp my hand and reach across the vast void that hate has created, for with enough of us, we can reach across the void and reach that which we all dream.

I call upon all of us to seal the gap and reach across and stop the flow of hate from growing stronger. If we do this the day will come once again that we can fathom the dream of life, liberty and happiness for one and all.

How do you want this to end? Are you actions leading to that conclusion of that which you desire?


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