The Move

So last week I moved my camper.  I was living in Indian Point Campground and now live in another campground.  I felt it was time to move away from the memories from my previous relationship and start fresh.  Also it was an incentive to save money since I am now paying for my medical.  The move was awesome and I am happy where I am.  I spend time now and then at the bar or sit on the bank and fish.  I have been BBQing as well and just living the life on the bayou. 

I can now say I am at peace with myself and my life.  The new location has been exactly what I needed and have quickly made some new friends here.

The ex has moved as well.  I wish her well and hope she finds happiness.

I have also thrown myself back into the dating arena and am ready to meet people.  Not needing a relationship, but will meet people and enjoy my life.

My story will be continued.


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