The Move

So I moved to a different campground.  I moved so I could save money though my ex thinks I moved because of her.  I get incentive pay so my check changes a bit and we are entering the slow season and my benefits started up so that too will cost me a little.  Also I needed a new start in a new place, starting fresh.  I have planned this move for a couple of months, but was having trouble find a decent place.

The new place is awesome and I have a spot on the water where I can fish to my hearts content.  I was out watching them swim around just today.  On my first day here  blue Herron flue out of the water and it was awesome.  I have a great view and am going to enjoy it here.

My ex still thinks I haven’t moved on even though I have gone on a few fun dates and met wit some good friends.  Perhaps she needs to move on from the idea I haven’t moved on even though I have moved on?  Did you get that?

The best part is we have a bar here so can go get a beer anytime and chill.  My old spot had a tree that dropped cones on my camper daily, I swear this thing never ran out of cones and it kept waking me up.  Now I sleep soundly.

I will post pics later of the beautiful pace I found.


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