Goodbye R

On Valentine’s Day 2014 my ex girlfriend gave me this cool stuff dog that I named R.  He was a constant reminder of her love for me and was a nice surprise to come out at lunch and find him in my car.  After the breakup I decided to keep R as he was cool and reminded me of my dog Cody.  Cody was a dog I rescued and had for a couple of years, but with two jobs at the time and always working he got stuck in his kennel a lot.  Eventually I made the broken hearted decision to send him home with my sister back to Washington State.  She was able to find him a great home in Montana and he lives there to this day.

My ex and her son never seemed to like Cody.  He was a bit wired but was a good dog with lots of love and personality.  So part of my giving him up was to focus more on her and give him a better home where he got the love and attention he needed.  I decision I regretted as a few weeks later my ex and I broke up.   I miss him dearly but know he has a good home so am happy with that.  R reminded me of Cody and I always felt sad when I looked at R and thought of Cody. 

So today I walked to the laundry matt and placed R on a table where people put free stuff in hopes that someone will find him a new home.  It was strange how emotional it was doing so, like I was throwing away memories.  But in the end it needed to be done, to move forward one more step.

Bye R!



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