Happiness is not defined but what we have or who we are with. It is defined by who we are and what we have within us. It is accepting ones self and knowing that we can be a better version of ourselves if we focus. It is loving ourselves for who we are. We place our happiness in others only to be let down or be a let down, but in the end we must put our happiness in ourselves and the rest will just fall into place.

I am happy being alone because I am not alone. I have friends and family I can call or see anytime.

My inner child, as they call it, was always striving for acceptance and closeness, to fit in and belong, but in the end was rejected because it wasn’t happy with itself. That is changing now as I become more open and less inside my head. I become more defined and happy.

Happiness is that journey within that begins with finding ones heart and soul and seeing that we aren’t all that bad after all. Sure we make mistakes and bad decisions, we may have hurt or been hurt, but in the end we learn from it and do better next time around.

I have had four girlfriends and one wife in my life. None of them were the right one for me as far as love was concerned. Friends maybe, but they were not “the one”. I will find the one when I am happy with myself totally and areas in my life are healed. When I am out somewhere and my happiness shines like a beacon showing her the way to my heart. Then we will both be happy.


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