Online Dating

I used to have a Plenty of Fish (POF) account and have done online dating before.  I no longer have an interest in meeting people online due to the fact people can be flakes and phonies.  Dignity, respect and honesty are left behind when it comes to dealing with some people online these days.  You go on a  sight and you find someone you really click with, you talk on the phone and you both can’t wait to meet and see where it goes.  Then you get a text, not a call, but a text and they are telling you they decided to date someone they had been talking too.  You then wonder why they even bothered talking to you?  Oh yeah, you were the back up plan, plan B.  I already spent 11 years in a relationship with someone who loved someone else, so yeah I already did the backup plan thing and not interested I doing it again.

There is no regard for a persons feelings and no respect.  You reel them in, get them close then just cut them off.  It’s like this with many dating sites, usually the free ones.  I am told to go to the pays sites but they now want $40 a month.  Really?  If I am going to spend $40 just to get a CHANCE to meet someone then I will go out for a pizza or burger and at least get something out of the deal even if I don’t find anyone.

I am old fashioned, when someone has my interest THEY are the one who have my interest.  People today are just too insecure I guess.  How can you trust someone from a dating site if you know they may have 10 guys in their inbox waiting “just in case”?  It just seems wrong and disrespectful to do that too someone.  I met a few good friends from POF and enjoy my time with them, so you can meet some cool people online, but not easy to do.

I will take my chances offline in the real world.



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