Letting Go

Sometimes you let go for their peace of mind, but often you let go for yours.  When I got my tattoo I got an unexpected affect caused by it.  I found myself set free and letting go of all that was holding me down.  I moved forward in one giant leap.  You can care for people and even want to stay friends after a breakup, but sometimes its just better to let go and move on.  You look back and you make realizations that maybe this person wasn’t really the right one for you, at least in this time of your life.  Maybe it was meant to be just friends after all, but for now, better to be nothing at all.

People like me, who feel things deeper, hurt harder and feel the pain stronger, even physical pain can be enhanced.  What doesn’t hurt you can greatly hurt us.  Not many get that!

When I got my tattoo the feeling of being set free actually caused me to tear up some and my eyes ran a little.  I haven’t been able cry in a very long time, yet this hit me hard.  It hit me because of what it represents, moving forward and continuing my story.  I am like my father, I hold onto things, whether it be regrets or sorrow or  a lost love.  But once you let go of one thing, you have room for another. And really, once someone let’s go of you, it’s best to let go of them.  As I let go and heal things will fall into place to fill the void of what was there before. 

Was Lisa my true love?  Maybe.  But I know that there is someone out there for me, but not for me now, for me later.  When mind and body are healed and I am on my way back.

So now I have let go and move on, moving forward.  With my new tattoo I have become an inspiration to many of my friends and family, the ones who truly know me, the ones who truly care.




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