My Story Isn’t Over Yet

So I finally got myself a tattoo.  I got one of a semicolon.  Go to Google and research the Semicolon Project.  Here is a brief description:


The semicolon tattoo meaning: It states
that the optional semicolon continues a
sentence rather than ending one like an
abrupt period.

Therefore, each human being is the author
that chooses to keep the sentence (life)
going on. Many individuals struggling with
depression, self-harm and other ailments
can embrace the semicolon.

Since getting it I felt like my life has changed.  I feel a huge weight all off my shoulders and find myself letting go of things weighing me down.  It has to be the most freeing feeling.  I can’t explain it, but I know I can now move forward stronger and better than before.

It may look upside down, but when my arm is at my side it’s the right orientation.  This is something my tattoo artists and I discussed.

Nice huh?


This is not the end of me, just the beginning.


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