A Chance Encounter

So I leave this morning to go to the DMV since my tags are due starting tomorrow only to find I can’t renew them until the month they are due.  Well shuck’s, so I head home and decide to stop at Wal-Mart to get a birthday card for a friend.  As I am walking in there is a gal opening the trunk of her car and she sees me and smiles.  As I walk up I smile and say good morning. She asks me if I could help her lift her broken A/C unit out of the car so she could return it.  It was new, but not working so she was returning it for a refund.  I lifted it into the shopping cart for her and then proceeded on my way, but then felt the urge to stop and turn around.   I walked back and offered to push the cart for her.  She agreed and we chatted going into the store.  We exchanged names and then after we got to the returns counter I went shopping.

Now at this point I figured we would never see each other again and that was that, not so!  As I checked out I saw her walk away from the returns counter so I decided to inquire if she was going to by another A/C unit.  She said no and we chatted for a few minutes and had a nice conversation about her move to Alaska on Thursday.  We both felt bummed that we met now instead of before her decision to move, but she took my number and gave me a hug and plans to call before she leaves.  We both want to spend time together before she is gone.

It was a nice connection and made a new friend.  It gave me hope as the online dating thing just was too disappointing.  It’s either phonies or endless e-mails, but in the end it shows that you can still meet people the old fashioned way, in person and often by chance.

This made my day!


Sometimes it takes finding something new to move on from something old.


One response

  1. Hi. Read your blogs.. I liked your chance meeting. I was wondering how people meet and greet, without the e~dating sites.

    Been a long time for me… I think your brave. I’d never put myself out there like that. So you take care. Like the blog idea.


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