The Beginning


My name is Neal and this is a brief intro of my story.

You really can’t understand my stories and writings until you understand a little about me.  As a child I was born with severe epilepsy caused by head trauma during birth.  This resulted in a childhood that was up and down a lot.  I was bullied by teachers, other students and whoever else needed me to make them look stronger or better at my expense.  I had to deal with other childhood issues not listed here at this time that resulted in PTSD.

As a teen and adult I missed out on a lot of stuff normal kids get to enjoy.  Socializing has been my biggest challenge.  I often find it difficult to fit in.

In 2002 I would get married only to divorce in 2013 after a year of being separated.  I lost my home, most of my possessions, my job and my mind for a while too.  Broken hearted and worn out I nearly gave up.

I moved from Washington State to Mississippi to be with my dad and start over.

I am working through starting over from scratch and dealing with the trauma that has affected me all my life.  Slowly it is coming together.

This is my story about my life, my writings and will even through in a few of my photos I have taken.

Thanks for reading,



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